About the Ranch

marcWhat kid doesn’t grow up without going through their cowboy phase? Seriously, at some point didn’t we all have one? Didn’t you dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl for Halloween at least once? Yea, I thought so. Here’s the thing, for me it never went away. So, after growing up, going through college, going through grad school, living at the beach, living in the city, living in suburbs, it was time. Time to move to the country and do what I had always wanted to do, be a cowboy.

But I digress. As we started on this little adventure of ours, many people asked a lot of questions. People want to know what it is like to leave the little condo in the city behind for 110 acres of wide open spaces. How did you find that place? It must be soooo boring, what do you do out there? Are you raising animals, which ones, and how can I buy some?

On The Ranch Healthy Pasture

On The Ranch was born out of these questions. In an effort to keep friends and family in the loop, but also to provide people who are truly interested in the finer details of the food supply, small scale agriculture, rural living and environmental stewardship a place to learn alongside us.

On The Ranch is a glimpse into the transition from city slicker to rural rancher.

We are a 110 acre ranch in the beautiful Horsefly, BC raising all natural grass fed and finished Highland Beef and humanely raised pork. How do we know your beef is all natural? Because the beef you buy from us was born here on the farm and fed only the grass and hay grown right here.

Want to check it out for yourself? Come on out to the ranch, spend a few days in our cabin, see our operation and meet the animals for yourself.