How To Build A Barn, Lean-To and Other Structures

Old farm building

Got some buildings that look like this? Yea, me too. ┬áNot much of value here, not even salvageable planks. Even so, a ranch needs at least a couple of buildings to store equipment, keep hay and firewood dry, and such. Maybe you’ve got some horses that need a new home. Being as we are now under a foot of snow, and being -15 as I write this, the ground is pretty solid, I have be forced to push some building some new structures off to the spring.

That means for now, it’s time to figure out how much space I need, how many structures I need to erect and where I want to place them. To keep costs and building times down, I am edging towards some simple lean to structures.

In researching my spring projects I came across this site from Iowa State University. Basically, it is a large collection of FREE plans for farm and ranch buildings. Take a look, I bet you see a few in their you could build on your property with the help of a few friends.

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